My wonderful client!

Thanks to my wonderful client Jennie, I have these great photos of Evan's Bar Mitzvah suited up in Oliner Graphic originals. Jennie is the best and all of her friends and relatives should tell her how great she is once they see this site! Thanks for sending me the photos!

For first time visitors to this site that want to see a blow up of Evan's art click here!

Aunt Ellen
2008330 0001
Grandpa "Big Dad" Alvin
2008330 0003
Evan and Aunt Ellen
2008330 0005

2008330 0050
2008330 0052
2008330 0053
Evan and his mom and dad
2008330 0054
Evan's little sister Kennedy (future client?)
2008330 0060

From the client:
The T-shirts were a huge hit, particularly the kids thought it was cool to have Evan on the shirts.