final animations

flying bird

flying hat

Here's what my client had to say: Liz, I just looked at both these animations and they both work perfectly and are just delicious!  Our community is going to LOVE them.  I can't wait to hear the reactions -- just can't wait.

And they came right in the nick of time -- thanks for pushing the fixes up.  I did a lot with this project today, including using some of the still images you sent me before, which I can use for almost-animated versions.  They look great, too. 

The animations are the icing on the cake, which I will intersperse, and maybe ask you to put a few more together later on.  (I have more ideas than money!)

Many, many thanks. ~Ginny

And yet another nice comment!: I'm glad to hear how fun this work is for you, Liz -- mine is for me, too.  But your art is so soulful and inventive, whether it's on the fun side, tender, provocative, or zany.  I love seeing each new image. ~Ginny