Update on the good/evil book cover

Picture 84

The is the approved book cover although I'll probably tweek it a bit more. Looking at it now I see some leading I want to fix. I'd like to make sure it prints as a duotone with two different metallic inks but I'll have to find out my limits from the publisher. The book sounds amazing and has gotten fantastic reviews and the BIG NEWS is that it's coming out soon! Yes, that's still my image on the cover, since the modeling budget was $0 and I needed a face I didn't have to pay.

"The Nature of Good and Evil: Understanding the Many Faces of Moral and Immoral Human Behavior is an inspiring read. After I finished reading this book, I wanted to do good works and combat evil wherever I saw it. I will live differently because of it. Read this book. It will inspire you, too." --Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Professor of Psychology and Author of Forgiving and Reconciling

Check it our here!