2nd New app teaser! Corned Beef on Rye!

Still working on another fun "Jewish" app. Here's your second fun clue—a yummy corned beef on rye sandwich! Kosher too! No cheese! :) This app will be free and link to my lovely Shabbat Blessings app! Had a silly time working on this one. :)

The Shabbat Blessings iPhone/iPad/iTouch app would make a great gift for the holiday! Click here to purchase and share the joy of Shabbat! Makes a great gift for Hanukkah!

Picture 44

Cranking out apps

Once again, the posts have been minimal as we are busy cranking out some new app concepts to support our Learn Line-by-Line app, Shabbat Blessings. We are still plugging away producing marketing material for this and I'm looking forward to making some cards to introduce the app to area Hebrew educators. We're going to be offering up some free game apps to bring a little fun into it. Below are some screen shots of the app to give you an idea of how you'll learn. Every line is broken down into it's simpliest parts. Don't forget you can gift apps in itunes! Great for little kids and relatives.

Picture 48

Picture 49

Picture 54

another app concept

Working a bit on a new app today. Of course, I'll need to keep it for a surprise! Just in the drawing and development stages and we now have a killer idea for the next Line-By-Line© app to follow that. Very, very exciting days ahead!! Don't forget to check out our first app "Shabbat Blessings" at itunes. Helps the kids lock down those Friday night blessings. :D

Picture 43


18" x 18" Giclee Print, art edition, on 24" x 24" luster paper with archival inks.
Picture 27

Thank you cards
Picture 26

super handsome young bar mitzvah

Working on an outline of a handsome upcoming bar mitzvah. Have to try to finish cranking this one out today as there is a bit of a rush. I incorporated a different fun angle to this one so I'm really enjoying drawing it. Also reading a book "The Obstacle Course" by Neal Voron for a potential book cover. Really enjoying it, check it out online at the link.

Picture 4
Upcoming - looking forward to upgrading my site so I can figure out ways to market my apps and illustrations together more effectively. Also planning a giveaway on my app "Shabbat Blessings" to bar mitzvah businesses and vendors. Stay tuned! :D

Oliner Apps is very proud to introduce...

Just released! Shabbat Blessings
Picture 3

Very excited to introduce our new app “Shabbat Blessings”.  The app has been designed to let a user easily listen and learn the proper enunciation of  the Shabbat Blessings and how to serve a Friday Erev Shabbat evening meal without  previous experience. Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, Jews wanting to rediscover Shabbatt, interfaith couples and even Christians looking to understand this most important holiday.

Click here to purchase and share the joy of Shabbat! Makes a great gift for the New Year!

almost finished graphic for the new app ad.

Needs a little more shading and am working on the hair color a bit more. The model has light hair, thought darker hair may work better with this particular product. The blue square in the iphone will contain a graphic of the app. I can't show that image until it's released.

Picture 97

New!!!! Bar/Bat Mitzvahs~Stay tuned!

I haven't been posting for awhile as I've been developing a new business. I'm currently working with a great partner on an app development business and we are putting out our first app in the next few weeks! (We're SO EXCITED!) We're in the process of forming an llc and I will soon be classed as an apple developer. So fun. The below image is a rough teaser for an ad I'm creating to help market it. The Bar/Bat mitzvah crowd should be excited for this one too! It will definitely help the kids! Stay tuned!

Picture 95

Update on the good/evil book cover

Picture 84

The is the approved book cover although I'll probably tweek it a bit more. Looking at it now I see some leading I want to fix. I'd like to make sure it prints as a duotone with two different metallic inks but I'll have to find out my limits from the publisher. The book sounds amazing and has gotten fantastic reviews and the BIG NEWS is that it's coming out soon! Yes, that's still my image on the cover, since the modeling budget was $0 and I needed a face I didn't have to pay.

"The Nature of Good and Evil: Understanding the Many Faces of Moral and Immoral Human Behavior is an inspiring read. After I finished reading this book, I wanted to do good works and combat evil wherever I saw it. I will live differently because of it. Read this book. It will inspire you, too." --Everett L. Worthington, Jr., Professor of Psychology and Author of Forgiving and Reconciling

Check it our here!

Absolutely fabulous Ariel

Large Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 71

Large Sign-In Art 23" x 35"
Picture 72

Stamp art/archival square
Picture 70

facial enlargement
Picture 73

Here's what mom had to say: Hi Liz, This is fabulous! Love your work! We are so excited! We will certainly share your name! Thanks so much! ~Debbie

And More!: This is PERFECT, Liz! Let’s go with it! SOooo excited! Thank YOU! ~Debbie

And More!: Oh Liz—You are wonderful! Thank you for the heads up on the “boys will be boys”* thing. If that happened I now that Ariel would be devastated! Oy! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to show off this poster!! Can’t wait! ~Debbie

*Illustrator's note: "Boys will be boys" references the possibility that a mustache could be drawn on the sign-in-board image by some wild teenage boy you didn't want to invite anyway. If this happens, it's not a problem! We simply have another print made of the sign in art. The portrait image is cut out and placed over the mustached one. Viola! It looks fantastic and flawless!

place card stand

Made this adorable place card stand for my client's son's bar mitzvah. The mini envelopes (not shown) with the place cards inside of them will stand up in the little grooves at its base. So cute!

Photo 994


Picture 32

Picture 38

Picture 40

Picture 41

Finished my second twin for the Don Draper Bar Mitzvah. Gave a lot of thought of how to best position the boys so I could come up with the group picture to uniquely express their individual personalities. I wanted completely different facial expressions and body positions which were different yet equal. I think I got it.

"Don Draper" Bar Mitzvah

Here's an incredibly handsome guy named Idan. Not only is Idan handsome he also has a brother who is equally handsome since they're identical twins. Mom wanted the guys to look similar but different. I thought by having one stand and one sit we could incorporate both of them into the same image for a welcome sign or banner. I really worked with the lighting on this image, I wanted an intense light and look from our young man. Don Draper, the gorgeous sophisticate from the Mad Men series was my muse while I was drawing. Idan looks fabulous!

portrait poster 23" x 35" option 1
Picture 63

portrait poster 23" x 35" option 2
Picture 61

sign in art 23" x 35"
Picture 62

stamp art
Picture 60

New Beginning

Working on Identical twins. Such handsome boys. Thought I show the process as I progressed. I'll post updated images as I work through it.

Picture 18

Love this!

I really get a kick out of seeing all "my" kids following their big events. I love drawing them and basically sit here in front of my computer most days, head phones on, wacom pen in hand, drawing logos and faces for events. When I get to see the images at the actual event it's like a ray of warm sun has reached me in my office! Look how sweet and gorgeous Ariel is!! What a beautiful young girl!

Photographer 1, Proof 097

Oliner Graphics signed poster

Recent Ad


Frank Sinatra Theme!

Here's my latest bar mitz, complete with sign in art and event poster/invite cover. I had a great time with this one. I used the boy's last name, Ratner, in the sign-in art and called it "The Ratner Pack" for that tie in to the Dean/Sammy/Frank element. I was trying to make him look like he was escaping from the paparazzi with the lights and the urban wall.

Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 8

Sign In Art Print 23" x 35"
Picture 9

Stamp Art
Picture 7

below is the rough of this image as I was working on it. The image on the left was used for a color palette. The client's image is on the upper right.
Picture 93