Absolutely fabulous Ariel

Large Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 71

Large Sign-In Art 23" x 35"
Picture 72

Stamp art/archival square
Picture 70

facial enlargement
Picture 73

Here's what mom had to say: Hi Liz, This is fabulous! Love your work! We are so excited! We will certainly share your name! Thanks so much! ~Debbie

And More!: This is PERFECT, Liz! Let’s go with it! SOooo excited! Thank YOU! ~Debbie

And More!: Oh Liz—You are wonderful! Thank you for the heads up on the “boys will be boys”* thing. If that happened I now that Ariel would be devastated! Oy! Thank you for EVERYTHING! Can’t wait to show off this poster!! Can’t wait! ~Debbie

*Illustrator's note: "Boys will be boys" references the possibility that a mustache could be drawn on the sign-in-board image by some wild teenage boy you didn't want to invite anyway. If this happens, it's not a problem! We simply have another print made of the sign in art. The portrait image is cut out and placed over the mustached one. Viola! It looks fantastic and flawless!

Love this!

I really get a kick out of seeing all "my" kids following their big events. I love drawing them and basically sit here in front of my computer most days, head phones on, wacom pen in hand, drawing logos and faces for events. When I get to see the images at the actual event it's like a ray of warm sun has reached me in my office! Look how sweet and gorgeous Ariel is!! What a beautiful young girl!

Photographer 1, Proof 097

Oliner Graphics signed poster

Gorgeous, wonderful Jenna

Large Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 54

Sign In Art Portrait
Picture 55

Stamp Art
Picture 48

Here's what Mom had to say: Hi Liz, You are the best! I received the FedEx delivery today, and when I opened up the posters, I was amazed with how beautifully they came out! They are even better than they looked online. Jenna loves them, and we even used the graphic for the beginning of her montage. And thank you for ensuring that they would arrive on time. I was able to bring them in today to be mounted for the big day. We hope to order more from you in the future. Our heartfelt thanks,  Troi and Jenna

More speed! More Power!

Here I modified my client Ginny's fabulous 90-year-old Mother's illustration. Ginny is so fun and creative and wanted "more speed" and "more action"! After all, nothing stops this Mom! She even bashed that thing into the back of an elevator when she was learning! Go Mom!

Picture 32

Picture 33

Here's what my client had to say: Many thanks, Liz, for doing such a wonderful job and for getting it done so quickly, even with my changes.  I know it's going to be a real kick for my Mom -- can't wait to see her face!  ~Thanks again, Ginny

Jake's Bar Mitzvah

Here's something I just love! Feedback and a photo from the event, how wonderful!

Here's what Mom had to say:
Liz----thanks for the picture of Jake--it made his Bar Mitzvah! ~Amy


Stunning Sophie!

Poster Print
Picture 90

Sign In Art
Picture 92

Stamp Art
Picture 91

Here's what mom had to say: WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
Thank you very much for your beautiful art work. I am sure it is going to gain great reviews! ~Regards, Randi


Here's a fun sports-lovin' guy named Jason. Jason's bar mitzvah is right around the corner! Mazel Tov Jason!

Large Portrait Poster (24" x 35")
Picture 30

Large Sign-In Art (24" x 35")
Picture 29

stamp art
Picture 31

Jason 13" x 10" Extra Large Hardcover Sign-In Book
Picture 25

Here's what Mom had to say: Liz!, You have done a wonderful job!  I knew you would.  I just showed the images to my husband and son and they are blown away!  I did not tell anyone about this.  I wanted to have a surprise for them.  I just love it and I am so impressed.  I will be ordering thank you cards from you as well.  

Thanks again,
Sheryl  ( one happy Mom!)

Jake "All Sports!"

Here's a handsome guy getting ready for his bar mitzvah. Jake loves sports and his mom wanted to incorporate some of The Giants' football team's coloring into his image as well as a casual clothing style and a "hint" of football. I think we did it!

Here's what Mom had to say: "This is PERFECT--thank you so much for all of your hard work--we LOVE it--I have already given your name to a friend of mine. ~Amy"

Large Portrait Poster (24" x 35")
Picture 279

Sign In Art (24" x 35")
Picture 281

Stamp Art
Picture 283

Casey's Finished Sign in Board

Here's another gorgeous idea. My wonderful client Casey and her mom Madelyn sent me this image of her graphic "post party". Instead of the poster, they selected archival paper with archival inks. The image was printed with a large white border which her guests signed. Grandmom loved it too so a second print was sent to her. Mazel tov Casey!


Here's what mom had to say: Hi Liz - I thought you would like to see the finished product of Casey's signing board....just fabulous!!!  It is already hanging on her wall. Everyone at the party LOVED it. So thank you so much for your beautiful work!!! Best Wishes, Madelyn

Stunning Sarah

Picture 21

Picture 19

Here's what mom and dad had to say: Liz- We aren't sure which of the three of us loves the proofs the most but it is unanimous that we are all delighted. Sarah's hair and her smile are spot on - and of course even without seeing the text of your email Sarah noticed her favorite earrings right away!  The swirl background does flow very nicely with her hair (which indeed looks fabulous). We saw Sarah's image posted on your website - and she immediately called her uncle to let him see it (and swear him to secrecy). Everything is great as is and we approve it as presented in the proofs. Thanks-David & Nan

final animations

flying bird

flying hat

Here's what my client had to say: Liz, I just looked at both these animations and they both work perfectly and are just delicious!  Our community is going to LOVE them.  I can't wait to hear the reactions -- just can't wait.

And they came right in the nick of time -- thanks for pushing the fixes up.  I did a lot with this project today, including using some of the still images you sent me before, which I can use for almost-animated versions.  They look great, too. 

The animations are the icing on the cake, which I will intersperse, and maybe ask you to put a few more together later on.  (I have more ideas than money!)

Many, many thanks. ~Ginny

And yet another nice comment!: I'm glad to hear how fun this work is for you, Liz -- mine is for me, too.  But your art is so soulful and inventive, whether it's on the fun side, tender, provocative, or zany.  I love seeing each new image. ~Ginny

New Paige!

Paige wanted to look a bit older with a different dress. Here's the result. What a gorgeous young lady. Scroll down to see the original proof I sent her parents.

Here's what Dad had to say: YOU ARE SOOOOO TALENTED!!!!! IT'S PERFECT.   thank you.

Picture 113

Picture 114

Sweet, Stunning Shayna

Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 89

Sign in Art 23" x 35"
Picture 91

Here's what mom had to say: Hi liz, just went to your web site, and I can't begin to tell you how excited Shayna was to see her portrait on display.  You may have even heard her squeal with delight, as loud as could be, all the way there in Montclair.  Barbara

Gorgeous Jordan

Oh, I just love the dots that Jordan picked out for her background. Fun, young and upbeat and pink! What a great bat mitzvah this will be!

Basic Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 56

Board Art- 23" x 35"
Picture 58



Portrait Poster 23" X 35"
Picture 36

Sign In Board Art 23" x 35"
Picture 38

Here's what mom had to say: Liz, you are a wonderful artist! We're so excited! You so captured his face and smile. David really is going to be a handsome devil when he gets his braces off. Thanks, Lisa
~Looks really great! Really love the product!

Friendly Podcast!

Here's some real fun! This graphic was created for a series of educational podcasts for the Friends Council on Education. I actually created two screens, a sign-on and a sign-off screen. My client wanted her image only on the exit image and requested a "bemused" expression on William Penn. She also wanted to be standing on top of city hall in Philadelphia with his stature! Wow, I think we've got it!

Here's what my client had to say: Liz, I just love these images!!!  They are fabulous. You got me PERFECT.  I can't believe it, actually! BEYOND loved it. ~Ginny

sign-off screen
Picture 21

sign-on screen (no client image)
Picture 16

~enlargement of main image
Picture 13

Audrey-wardrobe change

I thought I'd show how changes can be made with the graphics. Mom wanted to make sure our Bat Mitzvah girl's outfit matched on her image. So off with the "corporate" look and on with the strapless black dress! Shazam!

2nd proof with changes--New look!

Initial Proof copy--outfit too "corporate"

Here's what mom had to say:
Dear Liz, Just a quick thank you for your awesome work on all Audrey's projects…from the poster to table cards, your images were a big hit. Hope to work with you again. Best Regards, Janet

Justice has been served!

I loved this! I received recognition for a logo I had created in an International Competition and was published in a book. The book is called "Killed Ideas" and it recognizes ideas of (cough) "creative brilliance" that have been cast off or under appreciated by clients. My logo was one of the top 50 selected out of hundreds submitted.

My logo is also in the running for the People's Choice Award at Killedideas.com so please cast a vote for me by June 30, 2009! Pick #13, Crew logo !!


Here's my logo spread!


Sailing off to a perfect Bat Mitzvah!

Here's what mom had to say: Thank you so much. These are perfect! Sami loves them. Thank you again they really are beautiful. ~Norma

Stamp art

Portrait Poster -- 23" x 35"

Board Art -- 23" x 35"

LBI Foundation—Art Cards

I'm putting together some art cards for a wonderful "green" charity. The cards will be produced in a series and sold to support the Rain Gardens at the LBI foundation for the Arts and Sciences. The featured artist of the cards is multi-talented artist Paul Daukas whose work has been featured in two recent shows (and who is also my father). The below pieces, "Catching the Wind," "New Barney," and "Storm Coming," are part of an acrylic series he created featuring Long Beach Island, NJ. To find out more about the LBIF Rain Garden go to http://lbifscience.org

Here's what they had to say: The cards came out beautifully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I received them Friday afternoon and we packaged up some for the dinner last night at the LBIF. Don't know how many sold, but they looked great. Thanks again for your beautiful layout and design work. Have a pack for you when I see you next. ~Sandy

5" x 7", UV coating front, matte interior, 14 Ultra-thick Cardstock - scored includes envelopes.
Picture 109

Picture 110

Picture 111

Secret Agent Bar Mitzvah!

What a great event this will be! This was a rush job but I LOVED drawing Justin. What an exciting theme. What fun to draw.

Here's what mom had to say: We LOVE these!!  You nailed it! ~ Randi

Portrait Poster 24" x 35"
Picture 56

Welcome sign 24" x 35"
Picture 54

Stamp Art
Picture 53

Board Art 24" x 35
Picture 52

Pretty in pink!

Stamp Art

Board Art


Here's what mom had to say:

Liz, This looks beautiful.  My daughter got a big smile on her face when she saw this  We're really happy with it. ~Sharon

Great Hair!

portrait poster 24" x 35"
Picture 45

Board Art
Picture 44

What a great looking bar mitzvah boy. It was such a pleasure to draw all those fabulous blonde curls. Don't you just love that smile!

Here's what mom had to say:
Hi Liz,
We received the graphics today, and the whole family loves them! A friend of mine said they looked just like Joshua. I'm sure his sign-in board is going to be a big hit. Thank you so much, and thanks also for your nice note. My daughter can't wait until it is her turn. All the best, Troi

Retro Cool!

Stamp art

Portrait poster

Lots of fun 70s action here. Our bat mitzvah girl loves retro and looks great!

Here's what mom had to say:

Liz - I am so excited with the picture! You truly captured Laynie - what a talent you have! I am just so thrilled that this image on the sign in board will be the first thing our guests will see - it will set the tone for a really fun evening!

And, here's what our model had to say:

Hey Liz,
I love the portrait of me, I think it looks so much like me and you did a great job, Thank you sooo much!
Love, Laynie

Golf anyone?

Here's a handsome golf lover who just happens to also be celebrating his bar mitzvah!

stamp art

board art
Picture 29

welcome sign
Picture 30

Here's what mom had to say:
Thanks, Liz.  Daniel and I really like the pictures you drew for his sign in board and the welcome sign.  I appreciate your talent and sense for detail and colors.  The posters will enhance the decor at the party.  They are really special and different. ~ Gwenn


Here's a beauty. Sydney's Bat Mitzvah theme is "red hot".

Sydney's Bat Mitzvah just passed and here's what mom had to say: Just wanted to thank you for Sydney's graphics. The sign in board & poster were HUGE hits. Everyone has been asking me where I got them. Also the thank you notes came out great. Thanks again. Debbie

sydney stamp art

Portrait Poster

Sign in board Art

Zack-with a change of shirt!

Our wonderful Zack just had his favorite t-shirt replaced by a more formal shirt. And he didn't even have to know! Mom' seems very happy, here's what she had to say:

More perfect than I imagined!  Thank you so much for the extra attention.  Consider this my final approval for Zack's image Pict #22.
Can't wait to see finished "Zack's Bar Mitzvah" poster and sign in poster.

portrait poster
Picture 25

sign in board art
Picture 24

stamp art

A nice PTA thank you.


How about this! I was working away in my office when these came to the door from the local PTA. They were thanking me for working on a logo and a new cover design for their school.

Just In!

Here's something nice I just got in…

Hi Liz!

We got your wonderful artwork a few days ago, and we are sooooo thrilled! Beautiful, exciting, eye-catching design & colors, with excellent materials, and workmanship, delivered in a timely manner, etc! We will definitely recommend your artwork to all our friends, and use your services again as the occasion presents itself. Thank you!!!!


Evan's Bar Mitzvah-on site!

Here's our Evan on site at his Bar Mitzvah with his sign-in-board. What a handsome guy! Its so great to get emailed these final photos. After I've spent about four hours illustrating someone and getting into the "zone" I feel like I personally know them, despite the fact that my clients are all over the country.

From the client:
Hi Liz,
Here are a few pics of the poster at Evan's duckpin bowling party tonight. Everyone loved it!


My wonderful client!

Thanks to my wonderful client Jennie, I have these great photos of Evan's Bar Mitzvah suited up in Oliner Graphic originals. Jennie is the best and all of her friends and relatives should tell her how great she is once they see this site! Thanks for sending me the photos!

For first time visitors to this site that want to see a blow up of Evan's art click here!

Aunt Ellen
2008330 0001
Grandpa "Big Dad" Alvin
2008330 0003
Evan and Aunt Ellen
2008330 0005

2008330 0050
2008330 0052
2008330 0053
Evan and his mom and dad
2008330 0054
Evan's little sister Kennedy (future client?)
2008330 0060

From the client:
The T-shirts were a huge hit, particularly the kids thought it was cool to have Evan on the shirts.