I had WAY too good a time drawing this.

Here's David, mild mannered middle school student during the day...HIGH POWERED DETECTIVE at night!!

Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 4

Board Art 23" x 35"
Picture 6

Do-It-Yourselfers!! Get Custom Covers!

Here's a great idea and a great website to help! Are you a do-it yourselfer? Do you already have the perfect invite picked out and it just needs some more punch? Well, once you have your portrait drawn, Oliner Graphics also offers a "Custom Invite Cover". Custom Covers allow you to get another fabulous use out of your portrait. Tie that theme together!! We take your graphic, and along with your text, provide you with a offset-printed, high-gloss UV finished print, pre-cut to your personal invitation insert size.For pricing check out our "order here" page.

Custom cover proof sample #1
invite cover

custom cover proof sample #2
Picture 104

Custom cover with no text

Custom cover as text insert

technique sample

drawing a new image, taking palette sample colors from a prior image where the skin tones are similar.

Picture 59

Gorgeous, wonderful Jenna

Large Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 54

Sign In Art Portrait
Picture 55

Stamp Art
Picture 48

Here's what Mom had to say: Hi Liz, You are the best! I received the FedEx delivery today, and when I opened up the posters, I was amazed with how beautifully they came out! They are even better than they looked online. Jenna loves them, and we even used the graphic for the beginning of her montage. And thank you for ensuring that they would arrive on time. I was able to bring them in today to be mounted for the big day. We hope to order more from you in the future. Our heartfelt thanks,  Troi and Jenna

More speed! More Power!

Here I modified my client Ginny's fabulous 90-year-old Mother's illustration. Ginny is so fun and creative and wanted "more speed" and "more action"! After all, nothing stops this Mom! She even bashed that thing into the back of an elevator when she was learning! Go Mom!

Picture 32

Picture 33

Here's what my client had to say: Many thanks, Liz, for doing such a wonderful job and for getting it done so quickly, even with my changes.  I know it's going to be a real kick for my Mom -- can't wait to see her face!  ~Thanks again, Ginny

Jake's Bar Mitzvah

Here's something I just love! Feedback and a photo from the event, how wonderful!

Here's what Mom had to say:
Liz----thanks for the picture of Jake--it made his Bar Mitzvah! ~Amy


Stunning Sophie!

Poster Print
Picture 90

Sign In Art
Picture 92

Stamp Art
Picture 91

Here's what mom had to say: WE LOVE IT!!!!!!
Thank you very much for your beautiful art work. I am sure it is going to gain great reviews! ~Regards, Randi

Ginny's Mom is on-the-go!

Here's some fun. My client Ginny's Mom's birthday is coming up and Ginny wanted to surprise her. So we drew Mom with her favorite toys, her red scooter and her dog. We threw in coordinating shoes and an outfit and Mom's pooch had to be drawn with floppy ears and energy. This image will be 18" square and printed on acid free paper with archival inks.

ginny mom 500

close up of "Ginny's Mom"
Picture 66

Chef Evan's Bar Mitzvah

Introducing Master Chef Evan! Evan loves The Cake Boss and his image is draw to reflect this. What a great theme! Wish I had a few more bakers in this house! Evan's bar mitzvah is in February. Mazel tov Evan!

Large Portrait Poster (23" x 35")
Picture 55

Large Sign-In Board Art (23" x 35")
Picture 53

stamp art
Picture 59

Hopin' third times the charm!

Picture 12

3rd go at this logo. Changing of concepts as far as the meaning of "fresh" in Get Fresh. At first the concept of "fresh" was to be represented by a wink. Hmm, that just didn't work. The second one was just not quite there as the feeling was a bit too "fresh" (as in trouble maker) and wasn't sweet enough. For this third version, we will see if this cute and adorable concept in "Fresh", as in young and fresh, works. (Provided about 6-8 hand drawn rough sketches before that too!) It's all about bringing the right meaning of the store name to a memorable character reference that will please customers.

Some logo concepts go much faster but logo design can be a process until the client hits that eureka moment. Once I spent a week with a corporate client not sure on "just the right shade of brown." That's the job.


Here's a fun sports-lovin' guy named Jason. Jason's bar mitzvah is right around the corner! Mazel Tov Jason!

Large Portrait Poster (24" x 35")
Picture 30

Large Sign-In Art (24" x 35")
Picture 29

stamp art
Picture 31

Jason 13" x 10" Extra Large Hardcover Sign-In Book
Picture 25

Here's what Mom had to say: Liz!, You have done a wonderful job!  I knew you would.  I just showed the images to my husband and son and they are blown away!  I did not tell anyone about this.  I wanted to have a surprise for them.  I just love it and I am so impressed.  I will be ordering thank you cards from you as well.  

Thanks again,
Sheryl  ( one happy Mom!)


I'm delving into the very cute right now. Sweet, sweet little dog named Emily. This image is going to be a special Christmas present for a little girl and of course, this is her best friend.
Picture 6

Sweet Rose

She's so GORGEOUS!! Rose is getting ready for her bat mitzvah this month. I loved, loved drawing her hair. I put a fan on it!

Large Portrait Poster (24" x 35")
Picture 13

Large Sign-In Art (24" x 35")
Picture 15

Stamp Art
Picture 12

Jake "All Sports!"

Here's a handsome guy getting ready for his bar mitzvah. Jake loves sports and his mom wanted to incorporate some of The Giants' football team's coloring into his image as well as a casual clothing style and a "hint" of football. I think we did it!

Here's what Mom had to say: "This is PERFECT--thank you so much for all of your hard work--we LOVE it--I have already given your name to a friend of mine. ~Amy"

Large Portrait Poster (24" x 35")
Picture 279

Sign In Art (24" x 35")
Picture 281

Stamp Art
Picture 283

Bakehouse Logo

Working with "Get Fresh" Bakehouse on a logo. The gorgeous girl in the image was once one of my bat mitzvah clients! Get Fresh celebrates enjoying fresh baked goods while staying within gluten free restrictions. How fabulous!

Picture 266


Picture 222

Raw Outline

Working on a great guy named Will. Very athletic young man, his mom sent me tons of pics of him waterskiing. Stay tuned for the finished image!

Picture 203

Sophie's Wish

Here's a lovely theme! Sophie is wishing under the stars. Sophie's image is going to be incorporated into a banner to display at her bat mtizvah.

banner sample
Picture 21

stamp art
Picture 23


Here's a great bat mitzvah! Mom provided the logo and I went to town. Lindsay has gorgeous blue eyes and a fabulous bright theme. To bring out the blue of her eyes we created a bright blue outfit and took the various elements of Mom's pre-existing bat mitzvah logo and incorporated them into the background art! Shazam!

Portrait Poster 23" x 35"
Picture 12

Sign In Board Art, 23" x 35"
Picture 15

Stamp Art
Picture 18

Hello Again!

Here's something I just love to see. A beautiful photo of one of my bat mitzvah kids fresh from her big day! Look how gorgeous and happy she is!

sarah bat - 026

Here's what Dad had to say:
Hi Liz, Sarah's Bat Mitzvah was wonderful, and the sign-in board looked great.  The board is hanging in her room, and the poster is on the wall at the top of our stairs.  Thanks again! David

Here's Boomer!!

What a dog! Here's a great anniversary gift for a wonderful couple. Boomer will be printed on card stock as a set of 250 greeting cards.

Picture 122

Picture 118

Finished Sign-Ins and their "Stars"!

How great is this! Just received some final photos compliments of the wonderful Taubman Family as well as Ron Levy Photography!

For more information about using Ron Levy for your own Bar Mitzvah you can contact them below!

Phone: 949-280-6001




Casey's Finished Sign in Board

Here's another gorgeous idea. My wonderful client Casey and her mom Madelyn sent me this image of her graphic "post party". Instead of the poster, they selected archival paper with archival inks. The image was printed with a large white border which her guests signed. Grandmom loved it too so a second print was sent to her. Mazel tov Casey!


Here's what mom had to say: Hi Liz - I thought you would like to see the finished product of Casey's signing board....just fabulous!!!  It is already hanging on her wall. Everyone at the party LOVED it. So thank you so much for your beautiful work!!! Best Wishes, Madelyn

Olympian Birthday Party

Its the weekend so I had some free time to design for my daughter's birthday. She's a huge fan of Percy Jackson and the Greek Gods. She questions why the main character isn't a girl. Here's her birthday invitation and the design for her t-shirts/ tote bag giveaways.

Picture 23

T-shirt/giveaway party logo -- These are going on tote bags.
lauren toga-t-shirt

Invite cover front -- graphic
Picture 30

Chef Ben!

Here's Chef Ben whipping up the ingredients for a FABULOUS Bar Mitzvah! What a great theme. Ben's parents requested a more formal body image for the temple and the fun theme image for the event. The stylized graphic behind Ben was custom designed to coordinate with his Chef concept. The swirls represent a plate and spoon, essential elements of the trade.

Portrait Poster, 23" x 35"
Picture 78

stamp art
Picture 73

Sign In Art, 23" x 35"
Picture 75

sticker art!

Let's not forget those goodie bags. Once you have your basic party package Liz can even format your art to fit stickers and upload in your shop site. Looks great slapped on those paper goodie bags!

Picture 64


Picture 49

Picture 50

Picture 47

Here She Is!

Shazam! Here's the gorgeous Sarah, one half of a set of fabulous twins. (You can see the initial sketch I made in the previous post.) The background created for this image works with the colors and theme of their event.

Portrait Poster
Picture 33

Stamp Art
Picture 32

Working on another Sarah!

Another outine. --Here's a sweetie. I'm thinking I'll put her hand on her hip. She's so cute!

Picture 24

Stunning Sarah

Picture 21

Picture 19

Here's what mom and dad had to say: Liz- We aren't sure which of the three of us loves the proofs the most but it is unanimous that we are all delighted. Sarah's hair and her smile are spot on - and of course even without seeing the text of your email Sarah noticed her favorite earrings right away!  The swirl background does flow very nicely with her hair (which indeed looks fabulous). We saw Sarah's image posted on your website - and she immediately called her uncle to let him see it (and swear him to secrecy). Everything is great as is and we approve it as presented in the proofs. Thanks-David & Nan

Working on Sarah

Here's a new outline base. I'm having a great time creating this one. She's a beautiful girl. I'm playing with her hair a lot. Making it look like there's a fan on it, should be very glamorous! Stay tuned for the finished product!

Picture 14

final animations

flying bird

flying hat

Here's what my client had to say: Liz, I just looked at both these animations and they both work perfectly and are just delicious!  Our community is going to LOVE them.  I can't wait to hear the reactions -- just can't wait.

And they came right in the nick of time -- thanks for pushing the fixes up.  I did a lot with this project today, including using some of the still images you sent me before, which I can use for almost-animated versions.  They look great, too. 

The animations are the icing on the cake, which I will intersperse, and maybe ask you to put a few more together later on.  (I have more ideas than money!)

Many, many thanks. ~Ginny

And yet another nice comment!: I'm glad to hear how fun this work is for you, Liz -- mine is for me, too.  But your art is so soulful and inventive, whether it's on the fun side, tender, provocative, or zany.  I love seeing each new image. ~Ginny

Still working on this

Currently I'm putting together this flash animation for a pod cast intro. I have some more work to do on this but I thought it best to blog a bit. I took my client inspired graphics and have generated a nested bird which is flying across the screen and landing on Penn's shoulder. The way I'd like to complete the piece is to start the image with more birds zooming across screen then the lone flyer coming at the end once the others have fled. He lands on Penn's shoulder and bends down to pick up his olive branch. Stay tuned for the completed version!

Mt. Hebron School Logo

Logo concepts for a science and technology magnet school. The colors of the school name are meant to vibrant and represent both sky and red earth in another lean toward the outdoors and chemicals. They are the only object of color to pull the eye to the name. The jumping children are showcased as the main object to best show that this is the main focus of Mt. Hebron, the children. I would think the best use of these designs or this design style would be to use them as a collection and not pick just one. I made about 6 different versions of the same concept.
mt hebron jump 500

mt hebron logo 2

My genius daughter

My genius daughter (only 9!) gave me a wonderful movie she produced for my business. She is completely amazing, where she gets it, I have no idea. She did it all by herself.

She's Just Gorgeous

Portrait Poster Format

Stamp Art Format
casey 500

Outline graphic

I'm working on image and thought I show the process a bit. Here's the sketch I originally draw. Stay tuned for the finished image.

Picture 21


Here's a handsome guy! Ari's bar mitzvah is coming up in February! His event colors are cranberry and black.

Picture 147

Picture 149

New Paige!

Paige wanted to look a bit older with a different dress. Here's the result. What a gorgeous young lady. Scroll down to see the original proof I sent her parents.

Here's what Dad had to say: YOU ARE SOOOOO TALENTED!!!!! IT'S PERFECT.   thank you.

Picture 113

Picture 114


I'm currently working on a handsome young man's image. I'm including this outline of the image (pre coloration) I'm drawing so my readers can see just how detailed the drawings are.

Picture 116