Do-It-Yourselfers!! Get Custom Covers!

Here's a great idea and a great website to help! Are you a do-it yourselfer? Do you already have the perfect invite picked out and it just needs some more punch? Well, once you have your portrait drawn, Oliner Graphics also offers a "Custom Invite Cover". Custom Covers allow you to get another fabulous use out of your portrait. Tie that theme together!! We take your graphic, and along with your text, provide you with a offset-printed, high-gloss UV finished print, pre-cut to your personal invitation insert size.For pricing check out our "order here" page.

Custom cover proof sample #1
invite cover

custom cover proof sample #2
Picture 104

Custom cover with no text

Custom cover as text insert

More speed! More Power!

Here I modified my client Ginny's fabulous 90-year-old Mother's illustration. Ginny is so fun and creative and wanted "more speed" and "more action"! After all, nothing stops this Mom! She even bashed that thing into the back of an elevator when she was learning! Go Mom!

Picture 32

Picture 33

Here's what my client had to say: Many thanks, Liz, for doing such a wonderful job and for getting it done so quickly, even with my changes.  I know it's going to be a real kick for my Mom -- can't wait to see her face!  ~Thanks again, Ginny

Here's Boomer!!

What a dog! Here's a great anniversary gift for a wonderful couple. Boomer will be printed on card stock as a set of 250 greeting cards.

Picture 122

Picture 118

Finished Sign-Ins and their "Stars"!

How great is this! Just received some final photos compliments of the wonderful Taubman Family as well as Ron Levy Photography!

For more information about using Ron Levy for your own Bar Mitzvah you can contact them below!

Phone: 949-280-6001




Casey's Finished Sign in Board

Here's another gorgeous idea. My wonderful client Casey and her mom Madelyn sent me this image of her graphic "post party". Instead of the poster, they selected archival paper with archival inks. The image was printed with a large white border which her guests signed. Grandmom loved it too so a second print was sent to her. Mazel tov Casey!


Here's what mom had to say: Hi Liz - I thought you would like to see the finished product of Casey's signing board....just fabulous!!!  It is already hanging on her wall. Everyone at the party LOVED it. So thank you so much for your beautiful work!!! Best Wishes, Madelyn

sticker art!

Let's not forget those goodie bags. Once you have your basic party package Liz can even format your art to fit stickers and upload in your shop site. Looks great slapped on those paper goodie bags!

Picture 64

Gavriella's Invites

Mock up of Gavriella's invite. Gavriella's actual invites will be placed in a "purple haze" card stock, not the midnight blue as seen here. This is just a sample to showcase how the petal base opens into the invitation. (Below images were taken with my lowly mac camera which gives a mirror image!) Gavriella chose to have our custom rsvp email site, that links directly to her mom's email address, handle guest information.

Here's what mom had to say: Liz, The invitations are amazing, very contemporary and unique. You have to see Gavi’s face when she looks at them.Thanks again for everything Liz, I am sure we will do business again.

Photo 20

The petal invite sample closed.
Photo 21

Great Idea--Welcome Signs!

Here's a great idea! Ask Liz to take your image and create a welcome sign for your guests. They look great welcoming your guests into the party!


samantha welcome

Samantha table tents and place cards

Sample Table Tent (5" x 7"): Table tents are printed on our greeting card gloss stocks and can be framed or just placed on the table. To order table tents for your event, just ask liz with your order.

samantha table2005-500

Placecard sample: Tie your theme together. Place cards layouts are sent via an email word document formatted for in an Avery Template and are printed as needed (by you!) Terrific, economical and efficient! Place cards are business card sized.


Diane - creating "eyes that sparkle"

Here's an interesting version of what you can do with the eyes in an illustration. The client requested "more sparkle" in her eyes as her entire life people have said she smiled with her eyes. Here's the first version...


...and here's the sparkle version! They really pop. I created the difference by layering a series of the lighter shades within the eyes with a variety of gradients. Further I added additional shading and highlights to the outside of the eyes to draw in the viewer. Its a subtle but very powerful difference that really changes the viewers perception.


Some recommendations…

Took my kids to my Celebrate Showcase (Bar Mitzvah/Sweet 16) Trade Show yesterday and I'm going to give a couple of plugs to the other vendors that they just loved! Here is my daughter sporting a balloon hat from the Twisted Balloon Company. My booth was next to his at the show and his work is fantastic. My kids walked around with these hats on and gave out his cards all day. (Of course, my kids were also my own walking advertisements sporting shirts from my own site.) He doesn't do centerpieces but if you're looking for them (perhaps with some Oliner Graphic images?) then look no further than Balloon Artistry. I watched him make a life-sized balloon palm tree in about 1/2 hour. It was amazing.

trade show, H's concert_0002

Sorry about the quality of this pic but I wanted to show the airbrushed tattoo. My kids picked these up and loved them from Joan at Everything Plus. Joan doesn't have a website but you can contact her at or 201-768-8942. Gail, the party planner's site had a fabulous character artist who draws quick party sketches right at your party. They were so much fun!


Of course, my kids also came home with tons of great photo frames and greenscreen images from The Main Event and Ace Entertainment. Dance Heads offer absolutely hysterical CDs. We couldn't stop laughing. Todd Yahney is a DJ who sported they "giant inflatable man" I discussed on my last trade show post but he gave out very cool photo magnets that they have plastered all over my fridge.

Here I am at my site, it was another busy, fun day.

trade show, H's concert_0003