Some recommendations…

Took my kids to my Celebrate Showcase (Bar Mitzvah/Sweet 16) Trade Show yesterday and I'm going to give a couple of plugs to the other vendors that they just loved! Here is my daughter sporting a balloon hat from the Twisted Balloon Company. My booth was next to his at the show and his work is fantastic. My kids walked around with these hats on and gave out his cards all day. (Of course, my kids were also my own walking advertisements sporting shirts from my own site.) He doesn't do centerpieces but if you're looking for them (perhaps with some Oliner Graphic images?) then look no further than Balloon Artistry. I watched him make a life-sized balloon palm tree in about 1/2 hour. It was amazing.

trade show, H's concert_0002

Sorry about the quality of this pic but I wanted to show the airbrushed tattoo. My kids picked these up and loved them from Joan at Everything Plus. Joan doesn't have a website but you can contact her at or 201-768-8942. Gail, the party planner's site had a fabulous character artist who draws quick party sketches right at your party. They were so much fun!


Of course, my kids also came home with tons of great photo frames and greenscreen images from The Main Event and Ace Entertainment. Dance Heads offer absolutely hysterical CDs. We couldn't stop laughing. Todd Yahney is a DJ who sported they "giant inflatable man" I discussed on my last trade show post but he gave out very cool photo magnets that they have plastered all over my fridge.

Here I am at my site, it was another busy, fun day.

trade show, H's concert_0003