FREE! "A Little Nosh" Pachinko Game

Click the below image to go to our FREE game link! Whoop! (soooo excited!)
little nosh splash

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little nosh how to-background
FINALLY! Our latest app is out — and it’s a FREE download!!!
Designed for your iPhone/iTouch/iPad
Of course, I’m always thinking in the Jewish/Yiddish style and since I’m also on weight watchers (again), I’m thinking about food ALL THE TIME right now.
“A Little Nosh” Pachinko Game is our tribute to the Latkas, corned beefs on ryes, pickels, sour cream and black and white cookies of your past and future.

Have some fun trying to get the latkes to hit the sour cream and rack up points. The high point score in the Oliner home is 23.

B x W cookie clue!

Tired of looking at new app clues? Me too! We're working to finish this fun app. You'll never figure out what this silly game does.

Picture 3

Big, big clue to new app!

Ohhh, here's a big clue to our new game app! fun! silly! Getting through final programming tweeks.

Picture 66

2nd New app teaser! Corned Beef on Rye!

Still working on another fun "Jewish" app. Here's your second fun clue—a yummy corned beef on rye sandwich! Kosher too! No cheese! :) This app will be free and link to my lovely Shabbat Blessings app! Had a silly time working on this one. :)

The Shabbat Blessings iPhone/iPad/iTouch app would make a great gift for the holiday! Click here to purchase and share the joy of Shabbat! Makes a great gift for Hanukkah!

Picture 44

Cranking out apps

Once again, the posts have been minimal as we are busy cranking out some new app concepts to support our Learn Line-by-Line app, Shabbat Blessings. We are still plugging away producing marketing material for this and I'm looking forward to making some cards to introduce the app to area Hebrew educators. We're going to be offering up some free game apps to bring a little fun into it. Below are some screen shots of the app to give you an idea of how you'll learn. Every line is broken down into it's simpliest parts. Don't forget you can gift apps in itunes! Great for little kids and relatives.

Picture 48

Picture 49

Picture 54

another app concept

Working a bit on a new app today. Of course, I'll need to keep it for a surprise! Just in the drawing and development stages and we now have a killer idea for the next Line-By-Line© app to follow that. Very, very exciting days ahead!! Don't forget to check out our first app "Shabbat Blessings" at itunes. Helps the kids lock down those Friday night blessings. :D

Picture 43

Oliner Apps is very proud to introduce...

Just released! Shabbat Blessings
Picture 3

Very excited to introduce our new app “Shabbat Blessings”.  The app has been designed to let a user easily listen and learn the proper enunciation of  the Shabbat Blessings and how to serve a Friday Erev Shabbat evening meal without  previous experience. Great for Bar/Bat Mitzvah students, Jews wanting to rediscover Shabbatt, interfaith couples and even Christians looking to understand this most important holiday.

Click here to purchase and share the joy of Shabbat! Makes a great gift for the New Year!

almost finished graphic for the new app ad.

Needs a little more shading and am working on the hair color a bit more. The model has light hair, thought darker hair may work better with this particular product. The blue square in the iphone will contain a graphic of the app. I can't show that image until it's released.

Picture 97