The whole shebang!

Picture 22

I'm having some fun here. This graphic has a lot going on. A full body graphic, an Indiana Jones theme, a New York night sky and the event will be held on a boat. This is a few steps up from the standard portrait package but will blow up unbelievably into a gorgeous print. Unlike most full body illustrations, the same amount of attention as a standard portrait was put into the Bar Mitzvah's face so that it could also be used as a stand alone blow up on its own. The intended use of the graphic is a welcoming sign onto the boat, sign-in art, table tents, place cards as well as being incorporated into the custom invitations. (For the layman reading this please note that the word "proof" has been written across the graphic for protection purposes. This will, of course, be removed when printing.)

One thing to keep in mind is that my artwork is drawn with the intent of blowing up BIG! Massive detail work is put into the graphics which can't be seen on the teeny tiny scale of the computer. Here's a blow up of the bar mitzvah's eye. These illustrations are super detailed and intense to draw!
Picture 21