Lauren's World & Trade Show

I'm setting up for my first trade show and thought I'd show you how big the portrait posters are and how cool they look next to a standard 12 year old boy. Once again, I took this image with the lowly mac camera (at 6:30 am, very bad light!) on my computer and it needs to be flipped. Why does it do that? With all the programming they have why can't that camera take a right-facing picture that I can use without me having to go into photoshop to horizontal flip???

I'm also back to programming again. I love it, I could easily transition to "geek" if I don't watch myself. I'm revisiting a site I made called Lauren's world. Here's the link if you'd like to see it, (click here!) I set this up when I first started programming and my daughter and her friends loved it. Trouble for me was it was too clunky and time consuming to use as an actual product on my site. I'm trying to reprogram the games now using frames (maybe a bit old fashioned, yes) and tables and importing it into my current Rapidweaver page layout program so that its more insync with my site. The goal is to take these pages and make an effortless web page for each of my Bar/Bat Mitzvah kids so that they can have their own Flash RSVP gaming page with their order.