Man of Peace - Animation for Podcast

I had the great opportunity to work again with my wonderful client The Friends Council on Education. We are revisiting a previous image I had drawn of Mr. William Penn and are spicing it up for a podcast. All in all we are making Mr. Penn Wave, my client (not pictured here) kick up her leg, Mr. Penn's hat fly off and a dove with an olive branch fly in and land on his shoulder. I am also including a cityscape that will be zoomed in on in the intro. I am including some of the illustrations that will be used by their animator in Flash. What a fun job! What a great client!

Picture 2

flying doves


Picture 107

Here's what my client had to say: Oh, Liz!!!!!!!!  I just looked at all the files you've sent me and they are just fabulous.  I have to see how they animate, but I just love them!!!!!! Oh, I love them!!!!! ~G.